About us

The Tófalvi souvenir trade was found in 1990. From 1995 our primary field of activity is retail and wholesale trade of peasant arts. The demand on the souvenirs got us to enlarge our business, thus for the moment we have more than 1000 products. Some of them are custom-designed or trademarked, such as the animal-shaped chopping boards, wooden toys, carvings etc. Extending our business relations makes possible a continuous renewal of the variety of our products. Our souvenir trade has a business affair with more than 35 makers, the goods are sold in many European countries: Hungary, Denmark, Austria, Cyprus, Slovakia.

     At this moment you can find a wide range of wooden, ceramics, woolen, leather, plaster, linen-based products. You can make a smart, country atmosphere with the traditional decorated pieces of pottery, carved wall-ornaments, articles for personal use decorated with rustic patterns. Kitchen utensils and consumer goods made from natural materials, such as, pots and pans, wicker-basket, wooden dishes and bowls or different animal-shaped chopping boards can't be missing from your kitchen. We can make your buying easier finding every decorative object in one place, from the dry-flower wall-ornaments through the carved mailbox to the garden gnome.

    Are you looking for an adequate gift for your loved ones? You can find here. We can offer you a wide range of souvenirs and gifts on every occasion, for Christmas, at Easter or whenever and wherever takes place a celebration or a party you can find what you need: cups with inscriptions, jewelry boxes, wooden jewel or bijou, plaster wall-ornaments, woolen gloves, caps, bags.

   If you ever come to Transylvania and would like a precious souvenir we can recommend to you the wooden eternal calendar decorated with transylvanian patterns, which can be used for wall-ornament as well as for personal use. Would you like a souvenir for your folks? Take your pick and choose among the carved coat-of-arms, the Szekler national anthem, pictures representing the home-blessing, special wooden-front-doors with tranylvanian motives named szekler-gates and other peasant arts.

Please, take a look at our supply and take your choice.